The myth of Assad’s support for Palestinian resistance

I wanted to make a post to answer those who claim that the continuation of the Syrian regime, and indeed the grip of power that President Bashar Al-Assad currently has is good for resistance, and good for the freedom of the Palestinian people. I feel that as a Palestinian I need to counter these claims.

In order to be objective, let me list the things the Syrian regime has done in support of Palestine. Bear in mind, these are the things that die-hard Assad fans and sections of the far Left use continuously in arguments, to suggest that the regime is somehow without fault, and should remain untouched:

  • The Assad regime provided political support for Palestinian resistance groups such as Hamas.
  • The conditions that Palestinian refugees live in inside Syrian camps are better than that of refugees inside Lebanon, for example.

If I were to merely focus on this aspect of the Assad regime- (being the greatest force of resistance of all time)- then this level of resistance is pathetic. If the regime was indeed the only hope for Palestine, then let me tell you the occupation would undoubtedly go on for another thousand years. Here is exactly how great the Syrian regime has been for Palestine and Palestinians:

  • The Golan Heights remains occupied by Israel.
  • The regime has remained silent about the building of settlements, and indeed the transfer of settlers to the Occupied Golan Heights.
  • The Assad regime has enforced a ban on the smuggling of weapons into Occupied Golan, thus creating a barrier to resistance against Israel.
  • The regime actively supported the Lebanese Amal movement’s siege of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in the mid 1980’s.
  • Tel al-Zaatar massacre in 1976. Up to 3000 Palestinian refugees in the refugee camp in Beirut were killed with the help of the Syrian army.
  • Palestinians living in Syria face the same threat that Syrians face when speaking out against the government – this was shown in the case of Salameh Kaileh, a Palestinian Marxist intellectual that has suffered for years in Assad’s prisons, (which he describes as “slaughterhouses.”)
  • Palestinians have been killed in Assad’s ongoing onslaught- (14 were killed in June 2011 in Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus, for example).

Palestinians and ‘anti-imperialist’ leftists who still support Assad are still stuck in the pre-Arab awakening mentality. Before Bouazizi lit himself, the Arab world could be split (geopolitically speaking) into two camps: The pro-Western moderate camp and the pro-resistance camp. The moderate camp included Saudi Arabia (yes, really), Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia etc. The pro-resistance camp included Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah. This arrangement was shattered after the Arab spring as these revolutions targeted regimes with little regard to their foreign policy so for the most part, it did not matter that Assad was a part of this pro-resistance camp. Leftists (and Iran) have claimed that the revolutions that swept the Arab world were targeted at Western-backed states, this claim proved erroneous once the revolutions spread to Syria. Because of this, these people need to get out of this mindset, and if they really cared about Palestine and support for the resistance, then they must realise that if the Syrian people were given a chance they would support Palestine with all their heart. A strong independent Syria will be good for Palestinians.

Regardless of what the regime’s stance on Palestine is, this does not, and will never justify their heinous crimes against Syrians. To suggest, or even insinuate that Syrians should not attempt to overthrow the current government because of geopolitics, is the greatest insult. Syrians deserve freedom, they deserve to live in a country where freedom of speech, and freedom of expression is welcomed. They deserve to live in a country where civil rights are respected, and democratic reforms do not come in the form of shelling, murdering, raping, and demolishing.

Over 15,000 Syrians have been massacred. 100s of 1000’s have been injured. Over 65,000 are missing. Over 50,000 have been made refugees, and over 200,000 have been imprisoned since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011. Can you claim, without hesitating, that all of this is OK because of lip-service to the Palestinian cause and towards resistance in general?

Freedom for Palestine will be attainable once every brutal and corrupt government in the Middle East is overthrown. It was these corrupt regimes that guarded Israel all these years. Thus by standing against the revolution in Syria, the revolution which was started by the people, not the US, not Qatar, not Saudi Arabia… you are standing in the way of liberating Palestine. The longer Assad remains in power, and the longer he mercilessly butchers his people, the easier it is becoming for Israel to implement their Zionist agenda.

As a Palestinian I want Syria to know that: we are with you in your dignified revolution, and the death of your martyrs will not be in vain. From Palestine to Syria: صامدون صامدون صامدون

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8 Responses to The myth of Assad’s support for Palestinian resistance

  1. Joe says:

    Well done for conveying your thoughts and hopes.

    Syria poses a direct threat to its own citizens because all Assad understand is power to effect whatever he wishes. His refusal to call a halt to even discuss with opposition what might be best for Syria ought to convince anyone that he will not leave without further killing.

    The Palestinian question will eventually be resolved because Israel will not be able to resist the power of public opinion. Not that I let the Palestinian leadership off the hook. They have had numerous chances to effect change but have not done so. I suspect there is considerable internal jockeying within the Palestinian leadership for who will rule in a Palestinian State.

    The idea that the Israel-Palestinian question will be solved by war or continued fighting is untenable unless one wants to see renewed bloodshed and everlasting animosity. And while it may be a natural human instinct to exact revenge or “pay-back” for past sins, this attitude nothing but a set-up for disaster.

    My fear is that the various countries in the Middle East have long-standing animosities amongst themselves based upon cultural differences and religious differences that are not going to be easy to ameliorate. But unless they can, the Middle East will remain a cauldron of killing and distrust. At some point there must be a Middle Eastern Country Peace Conference at which all countries are represented, even Israel. Now before you toss off that thought think for a moment what advances, freedoms and qualities of living could accrue from such a get together. Will it happen? Probably not anytime soon. But if there is to be long-standing peace and prosperity it has got to happen.

  2. xicuvycdtd says:

    shut the fuck you fucking worthless whore.

    • madeinnablus says:

      I’ve just put this up to show which type of messages I won’t be approving in future, so if you feel like having a case of verbal diarrhea like this person on my page, go elsewhere. Criticize all you like but don’t be rude and crude.

      • Joe says:

        Thank you for maintaining a civil dialogue. These types of comments bespeak the deficits of the writer.

  3. hussam says:

    well done illustrating the truth about this savage regime .

    every time in all Arabian countries the palestenians becomes toy or card in a game, and take for this :

    Lebanon , hizbollah and the Christians
    Jordan , the black September
    Egypt Syria …..

  4. Atlas says:

    You completely ignored the issue of the liberation of Lebanon. The Assad regime doesn’t deserve too much credit, but the fact is, if any other Arab government were in its shoes, Lebanon would be a part of Israel right now.

    Additionally, you say that the so-called Arab Spring shattered the old arrangements of moderate (cowardly) Arab countries versus the Resistance axis. It may have changed things in your head, and maybe even in the heads of thousands or millions of other Arabs, but as the people of Egypt are learning, just because you want things to be different, doesn’t mean the facts on the ground just disappear. In the real world, those same cowardly “moderate” Arab countries are still cowardly and aligned with Israel, and the same forces in the resistance axis are still the only ones resisting Israeli hegemony in the region.

    At the end of the day, few people seriously say that the Baathist regime is a loveable one. The argument is that, due to the interference by outside Israel-aligned parties like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, etc., the Baathist regime will merely be replaced by an even worse regime (note the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and the SNC going out of their way to pledge not to fight for the Golan, even though they love to criticize Assad over that very issue), or that Syria will disintegrate descend into full-blow chaos and/or civil war that will cost many more lives, and destroy the entire nation. Look how “great” things went in Libya. Each city is run by 100 gangs, and people die daily, but nobody seems to be interested in talking about it.

    There can be different points of view, but don’t insult/disparage people who disagree with you, when there are so many facts that give credence to views opposing yours. Especially when some of those who disagree with you have dedicated their lives to resisting Israel and supporting the Palestinian cause.

    Finally, I’m tired of Palestinians like yourself that speak as if the struggle to resist Israel is something you own, and therefore something you can waive, ostensibly in the interests of the Syrian people. You don’t own it, and you aren’t in any position to waive it.

    She who lost Palestine to the Zionists should not lecture those who liberated Lebanon from the Zionists on how to go about resisting.

  5. fathima says:

    Dear Sister I have read with utmost interest your viewpoint of implementing Revolutionary change in Middle Eastern Countries running under dictatorship rule.
    I would like to add,that I,hailing from South Africa and having experienced Apartheid before our first democratic election which took place in 1994,can to a certain extent,empathise with those in Al-Quds and Syria who have been denied basic human rights.
    The gruesome pictures of our brothers and sisters massacred on a daily basis flood our social networking media and we watch in disbelief and horror that crimes of this nature continue to occur without any intervention from so called ” World Organisations”.
    However,every drop of blood that was shed will be paid for and the people of South Africa eagerly await the day Syria and Palestine will be liberated.إنشاءالله

  6. nuramer says:

    Salam Wala,

    My name is Nur Amer and I followed you on twitter as ‘NurAmer’. I just wanted to clear something up. When I said ‘oh my God, is anyone that deluded’ I was referring to the man who said that the shelling in Aleppo wasn’t caused by the Assad regime. I am seriously shocked that he can sit there (if he is in Aleppo) and believe that the person who is trying to kill him… isn’t.

    I actually agree with your point of view, and I advocate strongly for it. I’m half Syrian, half Palestinian, and I consider both countries my home. If Assad is going to justify killing my Syrian family, to save my Palestinian one, then I definitely don’t want him helping Palestinians.

    I actually went out of my way to apologize about last night’s tweet, because I feel so bad as I did not mean you at all, and it’s Ramadan and all, and I really like your tweets. So I hope you understand.

    Best- Nur

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